Brendan @Spot6Management 

Photography: Manu and Pascal

Styling: Pascal Chiarello

Grooming: Manu Beltran

Rothko situations at Neil Barrett FW14

proportion play at Ermenegildo Zegna FW14

MP di Massimo Piombo’s polka-dot silk tie @MRPORTERLIVE


Bowie, 1971. 

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@inezandvinoodh you make us believe our cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at us; it radiates from within us.

An inspiring read by our favorite duo:

Gratitude is the single greatest element to living a fulfilled and successful life.

Cheers to 2014.

Design: Pascal Chiarello

earlier today in winter wonderland w/ @manu_beltran_
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American-born artist Clare Rojas guides us through her evolution into abstract expression

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Le Corbusier

new logo design and image we created for fashion-forward DJ, Honey Dijon

Photography: Manu and Pascal

Hair/Makeup: Manu

Logo Design: Pascal


past favourite #menswear editorial

shot by Pablo Arroyo

Faribault Woolen Mills - 100% pure wool military blankets

Jan Tschichold: Die Neue Typographie